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Black Labeo Shark
Scientific Name: Labeo chrysophekadion
Family: Cyprinidae, Subfamily Labeoninae
Help my Fish has outgrown my Tank, have had him for about 10 years, since he was 3 inches in size.
Need to find a good home for him, this Fish (Freshwater) is normally found in Southeast Asia.
He has outgrown his home and needs something bigger, my tank is 75 gallons. My wife is ready to part with him finally.
Compatible with my Silver Dollars, Tetras, Red Tail Shark, Algae Eaters and Gourami's; he is not that friendly with my Cichlid and Parrot Fish, I think he sees them as competition for the food and can get aggressive.
He is a voracious eater and needs a good supply of food twice a day.
You will need a large container to transport him in as well as a large net; he is about 18 inches large and very powerful.
He has reached his adult size and has stopped growing at 18 inches.
Please Help

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